National Blood Testing Cooperative

Your blood testing service. Your way.

The Solution.

National Blood Testing Cooperative (NBTC) is your blood testing service, your way. We offer high quality testing services, at cost, to our owner-members. As a cooperative of independent blood centers, we are owned by the organizations we serve. We are a service deeply rooted in the blood banking industry, and we understand the importance of getting the product testing you need when you need it, so you can focus on meeting the needs of patients and customers.

The Problem.

In their search for the right product testing solution, independent blood centers struggle with fundamental concerns: Increasing costs and staffing challenges in on-premise labs can place a strain on a blood center’s bottom line, impacting its ability to compete long-term; At the same time, when outsourcing to a third-party testing service, blood centers lack control over decision-making, quality, turnaround time and more.

The Cooperative Difference.

Cooperation is key. Having ownership over the quality, cost, and turnaround time of testing services can set independent blood centers on the path to growth and sustainability. The benefits of ownership can include blood products your partners can trust, transparency and consistency, and a voice in your own testing process and strategy.


Bringing together a wealth of industry experience, and with one lab well-established on the West Coast and another larger full testing facility in Atlanta, which opened in 2020.   We are serving as a national testing partner for growing, independent blood centers with our testing volume over 1.1M blood donor units annually. Our member organization leaders often tell us that ownership — even shared ownership — has intrinsic value and affords a quality of service and peace-of-mind that they can’t find with a third-party testing service. Join us and see for yourself the benefits that cooperation can bring to your blood center.